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Maths Colloquium 9 December

Professor Caucher Birkar on "Algebraic geometry and beyond"

Maths Colloquium 9 December
Maths Colloquium 9 December

04/12/2020 - Trieste

ICTP is pleased to welcome Professor Caucher Birkar from the University of Cambridge, for an online Colloquium on 9 December at 16:30 CET, on the occasion of the 2020 Ramanujan Prize ceremony.

All are welcome to attend the Colloquium, which will be held via Zoom, with pre-registration required. The talk will also be live-streamed on ICTP’s YouTube channel, and follows the 2020 Ramanujan Prize Ceremony and a Celebration of Mathematics. The ceremony will start at 15.00 hrs (CET/Trieste time) and will include a talk by Ramanujan Prize awardee Carolina Araujo.

Caucher Birkar is a mathematician and professor at the University of Cambridge, UK. Birkar is an important contributor to modern birational geometry and has received recognition for his contributions to algebraic geometry. He was awarded the Fields Medal in 2018, "for his proof of boundedness of Fano varieties and contributions to the minimal model program".

Birkar's research focuses on Fano varieties and singularities of linear systems and other contributions the minimal model problem. He proved several fundamental problems such as Shokurov's conjecture on boundedness of complements and the Borisov–Alexeev–Borisov conjecture on boundedness of Fano varieties.

In his talk, Birkar will discuss some fundamental aspects of algebraic geometry and then discuss connections with some other areas.