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Prof. Carolina Araujo at ICTP

Math Colloquium 13 June

Prof. Carolina Araujo at ICTP
Prof. Carolina Araujo at ICTP

04/06/2019 - Trieste

ICTP is pleased to welcome Professor Carolina Araujo, who will be giving an ICTP Math Colloquium on 13 June, 2019 at 16:30. Held in the Euler Lecture Hall, the talk is titled Algebraic Geometry: History, Applications, and Current Trends, and will be followed by light refreshments. The talk will be livestreamed on ICTP's Facebook and Youtube pages.

Prof. Araujo is a researcher at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she is the only woman on the permanent research staff. She specializes in algebraic geometry, including birational geometry and foliations. Prof. Araujo has been a Simons Associate with ICTP since 2015, and is the Vice-President of the Committee for Women in Mathematics at the International Mathematical Union.

The talk focuses on how algebraic geometry studies geometric objects as defined by polynomials. These objects occur in many fields outside of mathematics, and exploring their properties has implications in multiple fields. Prof. Araujo will discuss the interdisciplinary possibilities of algebraic geometry, outline recent developments, and introduce the field's overarching problems. All are welcome to attend.