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Renovations at ICTP

Budinich Lecture Hall remodelling begins


Over the next few weeks, ICTP's Budinich Lecture Hall will undergo renovations to bring it in line with modern building codes and to improve the room's acoustics. ICTP is documenting the works through a series of photos by Tomasz Abramowicz, a staff member of ICTP's Marie Curie Library. We invite you to follow the progress by viewing the photos on ICTP's Flickr page.


Some of the greatest minds in the world of physics and mathematics have shared their wisdom in ICTP's Budinich Lecture Hall, participating in some of the thousands of conferences, schools and workshops the hall has hosted since its official inauguration, along with ICTP's Leonardo Building, in June 1968. On that occasion, ICTP held an International Symposium on Contemporary Physics that attracted more than 300 world-class scientists. The lecturers included eight Nobel Laureates; nine more of the lecturers were to be honoured with the Nobel Prize during the following years. ICTP founder Abdus Salam was one of them: he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979, together with Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg.

ICTP continues its tradition of world-class conferences; visit the Centre's Scientific Calendar to see what is planned for 2019. These activities are recorded to expand ICTP's reach to its international audience. The recordings are available on ICTP's YouTube page.