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Vladan Vuletić to Deliver ICTP Colloquium

Today at 11:30

12/07/2018 - Trieste

Poster _Colloquia _VULETIC-2The ICTP community near and far is warmly invited to today's ICTP Colloquium given by Professor Vladan Vuletić, a talk titled "Manipulating many quanta one by one: molecules of light and 51 atomic qubits." The talk will be given in the Kastler Lecture Hall in the Adriatic Building at ICTP, and will be livestreamed on our Youtube and Facebook pages, at 11:30 CET.

Vladan Vuletić is now the Lester Wolfe Professor of Physics at MIT, and was born in Serbia (Yugoslavia). He was educated in Germany, where he earned the Physics Diploma and a PhD from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. He was postdoc and Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at Stanford University before joining MIT in 2003. Vuletić’s research in experimental atomic physics focuses on entanglement in many-body systems for uses in precision measurements, quantum simulation, and potentially quantum computing. Major achievements include spin squeezing for overcoming the standard quantum limit in atomic clocks, the development of laser cooling techniques for Bose-Einstein condensation, and the first observation of bound states of photons.

His Colloquium today will discuss how, in recent years have seen a remarkable development in our ability to manipulate matter and light at a quantum level. Quantum simulators with individual trapped atoms are becoming a reality, and quantum computing is on the verge of becoming experimentally viable. Of particular interest are tunable strong interactions between atoms that can be used to experimentally implement and control entangled many-body states. Highly excited, metastable atomic Rydberg states can be used to implement controllable long-distance interactions between individual quanta. Vuletić will be discussing two applications of these phenomena.

All are welcome.