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ICTP Colloquium Today

Erol Gelenbe to speak 11 July

ICTP Colloquium Today
ICTP Colloquium Today

10/07/2018 - Trieste

You are most cordially invited to an ICTP Colloquium by Professor Erol Gelenbe, a professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College. He will give a talk entitled "Neural Networks and Gene Regulatory Networks with Product Form Solutions" at 16:30 in the Budinich Lecture Hall, Leonardo Building, ICTP.

Erol Gelenbe is currently the “Dennis Gabor” professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College. A Fellow of ACM and IEEE and of several National Academies, his honours include the Commendatore al Merito of Italy and France’s Legion d’Honneur. He was awarded Doctorates Honoris Causa by the University of Rome Tor-Vergata, the University of Liege (Belgium) and Bogazici Universty (Istanbul).

His talk today will cover how the biological sciences have long been a source of inspiration in the design of solutions for complex problems posed by operations research. Neuronal model-based optimization, prey-predator models and food webs, ant colony optimization, reinforcement learning, data classification with neural networks, learning-based techniques for tracking and control, are some widely used techniques in operations research that have been inspired by nature. This lecture will delve deeper into this interface.

The Colloquium will be livestreamed from the ICTP website. Light refreshments will be served after the event. All are welcome.