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SciVibes Episode 8: Charles H. Bennett

Molecular Motion to Quantum Computation

08/06/2018 - Trieste

BennettThere is a new episode of SciVibes out! Listen to ICTP's new podcast for a chat on how quantum computing is a long way from molecular motion studies... or maybe not. We talk with Charles H. Bennett about how his PhD and experiences early in his scientific career inadvertently prepared him to be a quantum computing pioneer.

Careers, especially in science, can have unexpected twists and turns, and 2017 Dirac Medal winner Bennett's is no exception. It was a seemingly random series of events that lead him to start thinking and working on what was to become the burgeoning field of quantum computation.

Watch Bennett's talk as he accepts his ICTP Dirac Medal, along with David Deutsch and Peter Shor.

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