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ICTP expands its presence on YouTube

26/02/2018 - Trieste

Web _POSTER-ICTP_on _You Tube (1)ICTP announces that it now has an expanded presence on YouTube. In addition to its main YouTube channel, which hosts video content related to ICTP success stories and research, new channels have been created for each of ICTP's research areas. This means ICTP's audience now has easier, quicker access to the Centre's rich collection of quality science content.

ICTP's YouTube channel hosts a wealth of lectures and talks on everything from dark matter to teleconnections to spintronics. With over 1,500 videos to choose from, we thought we would make it easier to find what you are interested in within the wide range of physics and math subjects, not to mention colloquia, outreach activities, and interviews.

Video content includes:

  • recordings of ICTP's cutting-edge conferences, workshops and schools;
  • knowledge-enhancing videos from ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme courses;
  • interviews with ICTP researchers and prominent visiting scientists.

See for yourself! Explore ICTP's YouTube channels and share them with friends.

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