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Shigefumi Mori to Give Colloquium

Fields Medalist at ICTP 30 November

Shigefumi Mori to Give Colloquium
Shigefumi Mori to Give Colloquium

28/11/2018 - Trieste

ICTP is pleased to announce the upcoming ICTP Colloquium by Professor Shigefumi Mori, a distinguished mathematician, Fields Medalist, and an Emeritus, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto, Japan. Prof. Mori's talk, entitled "The Birational Classification of Algebraic Varieties", will take place on Friday 30 November 2018 at 14:30 hrs, in the Budinich Lecture Hall of the Leonardo Building at ICTP. 

The talk will be livestreamed on ICTP's Facebook and Youtube pages, and light refreshments will be available after the Colloquium.

Prof. Mori works in algebraic geometry, and his research focuses on the birational geometry of algebraic varieties. One of his main results is the 3-dimensional flip theorem, which established the 3-dimensional birational classification theory based on the work of M. Reid, X. Benveniste, Y. Kawamata, V. Shokurov, J. Kollár, Y. Miyaoka and others. He is currently interested in a fine classification of certain threefold structures, including flips, divisorial contractions, and Q-conic bundles. Mori was awarded a Fields Medal at the 1990 International Congress in Kyoto in Japan. Mori was also elected as the current President of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) until the end of 2018. 

Prof. Mori writes: "In my talk I will present my personal views on the area around my research; I have been studying algebraic varieties through rational curves on them. After I encountered a notion called an extremal ray, I became attracted to the biregular classification of special varieties, the minimal model program, and furthermore to a general theory of higher dimensional birational classification. I will present them touching some of the recent developments to a wider audience including algebraic geometers."

More information is available here.