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Light Celebration 16 May

ICTP to host International Day of Light flagship event

Light Celebration 16 May
Light Celebration 16 May


Every year on 16 May, the International Day of Light (IDL) illuminates the role that light plays throughout our lives. From medicine to communications and energy, light's diverse uses touch on science, art, education and sustainable development.

ICTP, which together with its UN Partner UNESCO organized the International Year of Light in 2015, is hosting this year's flagship IDL celebration in Trieste. Titled "Illuminating Education", the event will feature a range of activities that reflect how light is used in science and technology, sustainable development, and education and culture.

A livestream of the event will begin at approximately 11:20 CET.

The keynote speaker is Sir Michael Berry from the University of Bristol, who will talk on Optica Fantastica: Images to Illuminate the Physics of Light. In addition, a wide range of leading international speakers will discuss diverse subjects such as light and development, international collaborations, and issues relating to light and science education. Sessions include a talk by Cather Simpson from the University of Auckland on how a greater understanding of light is changing the way we grow food. Award-winning Indian photographer Saurabh Narang will exhibit his photos taken in the Himalayan villages of Spiti Valley.

One session will be of particular interest to younger scientists: the Career Challenges session, which will feature Jess Wade of Imperial College London, an award-winning scientist who will discuss her work on challenging stereotypes; and Amna Abdalla Mohammed Khalid, an ICTP Diploma Programme alumna and vice-chair of the Next Einstein Forum (NEF), who will present NEF efforts to foster an environment for innovative scientific discovery in Africa.

The rich programme of events is available here. All activities are open to the public.