Campus Shuttle Services

Free, on-campus transportation

ICTP operates two shuttle services: one carries visitors to different buildings on campus, while the other transports people to the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), located several kilometres away.

Please note that due to Covid restrictions, the on-campus shuttle service is canceled until further notice. See below for the shuttle service to SISSA, which is operational as of 19 April 2022.


Shuttle Service to SISSA

ICTP's shuttle service to SISSA follows the following schedule. ICTP departures are from the Leonardo Building parking lot; the SISSA departures are from the exit of the main building. The service begins as of 19 April 2022. Passengers must reserve a seat 24 hours in advanced by sending a request to: or  The Transportation or Info Point will confirm the reservation based on availabilty.
  The maximum transport capacity for the shuttle is eight passengers, all of whom must wear a mask.

Monday - Friday
ICTP to SISSA 10:30 13:30
SISSA to ICTP 14:00