Additional Information

What to do about absences, and departure procedures

Absence from ICTP

Any course participants to a scientific activity wishing to be absent from the Centre during the official visit, except over the weekend, unless the activity he/she is invited to takes place on Saturday and/or Sunday too, is subject to approval by relevant Course Director in advance. Visitors should promptly refer to the activity secretary to obtain the "request to be absent" form. If lodged in one of the ICTP guesthouses and planning to be away over a weekend, visitors should notify the relevant guesthouse reception. Long-term visitors, in the case of leave, should refer to the group secretary in advance.

Computer Information

For users of portable computers, the rooms in the guesthouses (AGH and GGH) are equipped as follows:

  • For electric power, there are sockets of German ("Schuko") and Italian ("bipasso") type, also compatible with Europlugs.
  • For network connection (LAN and Internet access), there are RJ45 sockets. You are kindly requested to bring your own cables fitting the described sockets. If this is not possible, you can buy them at the ICTP Mail Offices. An information leaflet regarding the configuration is available in the guestrooms. A wireless network (WiFi) is present in the Galileo Guesthouse, in the basement of the Adriatico Guesthouse and in the Leonardo da Vinci Building. It can be used after you have obtained your ICTP e-mail account upon registration on arrival and configured your laptop.

For detailed pre-arrival information on computer use and communication facilities please see the relevant webpage.

End-of-Stay Procedures

Your ICTP visit OFFICIALLY ends according to the dates upon registration, or, eventual, extensions of stay.

Exceptional earlier departures are subject to approval by the relevant Course Director/Section Head, regardless of the accommodation arrangements. Visitors should promptly submit a written request, specifying the reasons, through the activity/group secretary.

In this connection, before authorizing such departure, if the visitor's air ticket has been arranged and prepaid by ICTP, any variation to it must be channeled through and coordinated by the ICTP Operations and Travel Unit directly. It is necessary to ensure that the air ticket is changeable since some fares either do not permit any modification or allow changes only with the payment of a penalty fee. Visitors are kindly requested to strictly adhere to this practice. In case the air ticket is not arranged by ICTP, changes can be operated only by the issuing travel agency. Our in-house travel office can assist visitors, only in providing information on flight availability and timetables.

If the change in departure date will be approved, visitors whose stay is fully or partially covered by ICTP must promptly report to the Operations and Travel Unit to obtain the final financial clearance before actual departure. On that occasion visitors will be asked to present a copy of the above mentioned approval and the pink copy of the Travel Authorization Form given to them upon settlement of their dues.

In addition to the above, Associates and Affiliates should also get the Clearance Form from the Housing Office and always refer to Leonardo Building - entrance level - (Room 3, 4, 5 and 6) before departure.

End-of-Stay Report

Long-term research visitors are asked to kindly write a brief report at the end of their stay, outlining the work done during the visit, including collaborations, seminars delivered, and possible publications (submitted papers). Whenever such a report is required, the group secretary will provide details.