Health Insurance

How to fulfill the health insurance requirement

Italian Law requires all foreigners to have valid health insurance coverage while in Italy. Failure to comply will result in a denial of permission of stay on Italian territory. Visitors who have official documents certifying their participation in a national health insurance scheme, valid in Italy, do not have to obtain separate coverage. In this regard, visitors should verify if their home country's national health insurance programme is recognized in Italy and bring a statement by the local insurance company, comparable to this template. The original plus an extra copy should be exhibited upon arrival, during the registration formalities. The latter will be retained by the ICTP secretariat.

Citizens of EU-EEA, Switzerland, including other nationals having legal residence and who are enrolled in the social security system in these countres, should bring their European Health Insurance Card with them. This must be shown in case medical assistance or hospitalization in Italy is required.

ICTP provides free health insurance coverage, through Allianz Lloyd Adriatico Ins. Co., to visitors under the age of 75 who do not have their own valid health insurance coverage and who are NOT nationals of the countries listed here, NOR legal residents enrolled in the social security system of these countries. The same terms and conditions apply also to accompanying family member (i.e. spouse and/or children under age 18). The coverage is valid from 00 hrs of the day of arrival in Trieste to midnight of the day of departure from Trieste (according to the dates indicated on the registration form, or eventual extension of stay).

The purpose of the health insurance coverage provided by ICTP is to grant reimbursement for emergency health problems that may occur during your visit at ICTP. Interventions due to chronic health problems may not be reimbursed.

The core elements of the health insurance policy are as follows:

The policy provides for reimbursement of medical expenses in case of hospitalization, with or without surgical operation, even for day hospital, up to a maximum of Euro 50,000.00 per event and per year. In addition the following is covered:

  • sanitary transportation (up to 2,000.00 euro)
  • natural delivery excluding caesarian delivery (up to 3,000.00 euro)
  • dead body repatriation (up to 2,000.00 euro)
  • hospital charge of the accompanying person (up to 3,000.00 euro)
  • up to 1,100.00 euro per event and per year, in case of no hospitalization, for doctor's bills, tests and examinations and medicine costs, which are reimbursable at a 90% rate, with a deductible of minimum 10.00 euro and a maximum reimbursement for physiotherapeutic treatments of 300.00 euro.

Main exclusions of coverage are: 75 years of age at the time of arrival at ICTP, alcoholism, drug addiction, dental treatments not due to accident, prothesis not used at the surgical intervention time (such as glasses), nuclear radiation, malicious actions perpretrated by the insured person, earthquake movements, war and insurrections, preventive care and malformations.

In case of controversy with the Contractors, the conditions of the policy expressed in Italian will be retained as valid.

The policy provides for reimbursement of medical expenses due to a sudden sickness or accident and therefore, in all cases, in order to obtain reimbursement, the insurers need to receive the doctor's diagnosis specifying the pathology. The claim must be accompanied also with the original bills and receipts, and in case of hospitalization or day hospital, also with a copy of the clinical record. The claims must be submitted within 90 days from the initial event at the Lloyd Adriatico counter at the ground floor of ICTP Fermi Building and will be reimbursed within 15 days from regular submission.

Postdocs and Senior Postdocs will be included in a health insurance with Cigna and not through Allianz. For any queries please contact

The ICTP Medical Service, nurses and visiting doctor (the latter upon appointment), are available to all visitors, and will assist them with making appointments, if required, with specialists and/or hospitals. The visitor will be charged a fee for doctors' visits, including the ICTP visiting doctor, to be paid in cash in Euro. Relevant claims for reimbursement should be submitted to Allianz Lloyd Adriatico (as indicated above).

Note on Pregnancy: Before coming to ICTP, pregnant women are kindly requested to notify the ICTP Medical Service ( about the status of their pregnancy, to obtain further guidelines.

List of countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Jersey, Guernsey (Channel Islands), Croatia, Czech Rep., Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Bermuda, Canada, Greenland, United States, Australia, New Zealand. Note: Pregnancy: Before coming to ICTP, pregnant women are kindly requested to notify the ICTP Medical Service ( about the status of their pregnancy, to obtain further guidelines.