Conference Support and Hosted Activities

Procedures for Logistics Requests and Guidelines

ICTP Activities

To request Spaces and Logistics Needs for ICTP Courses

After the ICTP Directorate has assigned the official venues, Organizers of approved events should evaluate the Activity's Logistics needs and fill in the two request forms: Space and Services (docx form) and InfoLab/Computer Services (docx form) and send them duly signed to the Conference Support office as indicated. Organizer's requests will then be put forward to the other ICTP services concerned. If activities stretch beyond standard hours, additional costs are foreseen for assistance in the lecture rooms.

NB: Informatics Laboratories are assigned on the basis of "first-come, first-served" in the approved areas.
This office is not authorized to accept requests for spaces and services made directly by guest scientists. Requests should always be routed through the group/activity's Secretariat.
General enquiries may be addressed to:

Attendance Statement of ICTP Activities

Participants in Training Courses who need an individual Certificate of Attendance should request it via e-mail to, and follow the instructions of the automatic reply. This request must be made as much in advance as possible. No telephone requests are accepted, or those forwarded by third parties. When the scientist attends more than one activity, the certificate issued is only one to summarize all events. The certificate is sent by internal mail to the scientist's mailbox, or to the forwarding address if advance notice is not sufficient or due to any other serious reasons that may delay the issue.

NB: Short and long-term scientists of the various research groups requesting certificates of attendance must refer to the relevant group's secretary.


Spaces Bookings

To request a Seminar/Lecture/Meeting Room: An e-mail should be sent to the account, also detailing possible technical equipment needed. Bookings office verifies space availability, confirms it or advises about alternatives then sends one copy of the confirmed request to the technical group and another copy to the Reception desk of the building concerned.

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Hosted Activities

To host an Activity at ICTP

A request by e-mail (, Fax (+39 040 224163) or letter must be addressed to the ICTP Co-ordinator of Scientific Programmes and sent to the Hosted Activities Office. Organizers of approved events will receive the Logistic Guidelines. This booklet aims at informing in the most concise way about ICTP services and how to request them in connection with a hosted event. Organizers will also fill in the two request forms: Space and Services (PDF form) and InfoLab/Computer Services (PDF form) and send them duly signed to the Hosted Activities office as indicated. Request forms will then be put forward to other ICTP services concerned.

NB: Hosted Activities office is not responsible for assessment, information and carry out of the various services connected with a hosted event. As per instructions from the Co-ordinator, this office will assemble costs for spaces and services provided and issue a request for debit note.
General enquiries may be addressed to:



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Italian courses: General enquiries may be addressed to: Italian courses normally start each October and are held throughout the academic year. Italian courses are suspended in the Summer.