ICTP Going Green

ICTP has started a "greening" campaign in line with UN and UNESCO guidelines and actions, in order to improve our environmental practices.

Recycling bins can be found on every floor of ICTP buildings, especially in bars, cafeterias and coffee machine corners.


The following can be recycled:
•    paper
•    plastic (please remember to crush plastic items to save space)
•    plastic bottle caps (we give them to charities to purchase wheelchairs for the handicapped)


You may find these tips useful:
•    get drinking water from the water fountains at the guesthouses by using your own cup or bottle. This will reduce the amount of plastic used.
•    use your own cup at the coffee vending machines: place your cup in the dispenser and press the button "no cups" before selecting your drink;
•    turn off lights and computers when not needed, and activate energy-saving settings on computers and other devices;
•    select carefully what you really need to print out and print double-sided pages, or multiple pages on one;
•    use the blank side of discarded printouts as scrap paper for your drafts.


If you have any environmental suggestions, tips or information for ICTP, please send an email to ICTP_going_green@ictp.it

Also see http://www.greeningtheblue.org , the UN website for a greener and more sustainable UN.