Childcare Facilities

Below is a list of some of the childcare facilities in Trieste:

  • Baby Parking Trilli (for children aged between 1 and 7)
    Via Coroneo, 17
    34133 Trieste
    Tel. 3333761847 (Ms. Valentina)
  • La casetta Arl (for children aged between 1 and 6)
    V. Belpoggio 16
    34123 Trieste
    Tel: 040 300300
  • La co.s.t.i.e.ra. Ccop a r.l
    v. Saverio mercadante 1
    34122 Trieste
    Tel: 040 364041
  • Il guscio cooperativa sociale s.c.r.l.
    Via di Scorcola 2
    34134 Trieste
    Fax:040 364780
  • European school of Trieste (for children aged between 1 and 13)
    Via Ovidio, 49
    34134 Trieste
    Tel: 040 44087

The list provided is to help visitors and is not a reccommendation of services provided at any of the facilities. ICTP has no control over, nor does it assume any responsibility or liability for, the quality of services offered by any of the facilities.