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Visiting the city

Trieste on foot

Details about guided walking tours through the main sites and monuments of Trieste can be got from the FVG Tourist Office in via dell' Orologio 1 (in Piazza Unità), tel. +39 040 3478312.

Sightseeing tour by bus

For details about buying tickets for the sightseeing tour bus that starts from Grignano or  the Stazione Marittima (close to Piazza Unità). check the website, tel. +39 3939172656


Film Festivals in Trieste

The Trieste Film Festival  Every year, the festival showcases a wide variety of international and national premieres of feature films, documentaries and short films.

The Latin American Movie Festival It is organized by APCLAI (Associazione per la Promozione della Cultura Latinoamericana in Italia) and has been held in Trieste since 1990.

Short Film Festival  Screens international short films and debut work.


Museums in Trieste

The following websites give details of all museums in Trieste and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region:


Historical Cafes

Caffe' Tommaseo was founded in 1830 by Tommaso Marcato coming from Padua. The Café immediately became a privileged meeting place for artists, businessmen and politicians; in 1848 it was renamed in honour of the writer and patriot from Dalmatia, Tommaseo.

Caffè Stella Polare is situated in the heart of the Teresiano borough, next to the Serbian Orthodox Church of San Spiridione and very close to Piazza Sant'Antonio.

Caffe' degli Specchi was opened in 1839, founded and managed by the Greek Nicolò Priovolo. The Café was first on the ground floor of Palazzo Stratti, in that same Piazza Grande (which became Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia in 1918) that continues to represent the heart of the city.

The cosy Bar ex Urbanis came to life from the ashes of a pastry shop in the first half of the nineteenth century and it is made precious by a mosaic floor which bears the date of its foundation:1832.

Opened in 1914, Caffè San Marco immediately became a meeting place for newspaper readers and a laboratory for the production of fake passports, which were allegedly needed by anti-Austrian patriots to flee from Italy. It was completely destroyed by the Austrians during the war, but rebuilt to become, in the twenties, a meeting place for many intellectuals from Trieste, including poet Umberto Saba and writer  Italo Svevo.

The most regular patron of the Caffé Pasticceria Pirona was James Joyce, who actually devised his "Ulysses" masterpiece here. The original furnishing of the time has been preserved.


Science Centres & Activities

The Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico Museum is located in the Grignano bay, below the Adriatico guesthouse in Trieste. It is an interactive and multimedia science museum using original exhibition techniques and innovative educational methodologies. Details about exhibit and visiting hours are available on the Immaginario Scientifico Website.

For updates on science-related events and activities, check the Trieste City of Knowledge Website.


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