Programme for Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL)



What the TRIL programme supports

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Fellowships are subject to the following conditions:

Duration of fellowship

Fellowships range in length from a few months to one year, depending on the host laboratory, the research/training activity and the budget available. The host laboratory determines the length of the fellowship.

Fellowships may be extended for an additional period (usually for not more than 12 months at a time), depending on the success of the research/training of the fellow and available funds.

The maximum duration of a fellowship is 24 months. This includes the original fellowship period and extensions.

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A limited number of fellowships are fully funded by the TRIL Programme. The expectation is that a fellowship will be jointly funded by the hosting laboratory. As the demand for financial aid always exceeds the available funds, applicants are strongly encouraged to seek sponsorship from their local sources to contribute towards their travel expenses.

Fellows receive a monthly grant in Euro to cover their living costs, such as lodging, meals, local travel and incidentals while on the fellowship, as follows:

- Euro 1,300 for students pursuing a Ph.D. (or its equivalent)
- Euro 1,500 for scientists with a Ph.D. degree less than 5 years
- Euro 1,600 for scientists with a Ph.D. degree more than 5 years 

In very exceptional cases, the monthly grant can differ from the above scheme.

Eligible fellows will receive a prepaid ticket from the ICTP Operations and Travel Unit. No travel contribution is foreseen for accompanying family members.

As medical insurance is obligatory in Italy, fellows who come to Italy without worldwide valid medical insurance coverage, will be provided free health insurance coverage, through an external insurance company for the duration of their stay. Accompanying family members will also be provided with cost-free health insurance coverage.

The host institution will provide the Fellow with laboratory space and other facilities necessary for the project. The host laboratory generally provides assistance to fellows to find accommodation.

In the event of early termination of the fellowship, any payments made after the date of termination,  will have to be returned to the ICTP.

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An award letter will be issued from ICTP to successful candidates. The letter contains information concerning the laboratory assigned, financial, travel and reporting conditions, as well as some pre-arrival information and obligations that fall upon the fellow during the tenure. All fellowships are subject to the requirements stipulated in the letter and Terms and Conditions.

All fellowships start on the first or fifteenth day of the month. The host laboratory makes the final decision on the commencement date and length of the fellowship. Exceptionally, in case of proven difficulties, the starting date of the fellowship may be postponed.

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The Fellow is required to inform the TRIL Secretariat of his/her acceptance of the fellowship and provide the following documentation:

  1. A certificate from the administration/supervisor where he/she works/studies approving the request. The certificate should also specifying whether the fellow will be on paid leave or not;
  2. A scan of the candidate's passport photo ID page.

The documents will be required from the selected candidates within two weeks after receiving the notification of award. Their timely submission of their acceptance and of these documents will be a condition of the award.

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On accepting the fellowship, the Fellow undertakes to comply with the requirements stipulated in the award letter and Terms & Conditions.

Research/training must be carried out under the auspices of an academic supervisor in the host laboratory.

A TRIL fellow will be expected to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner at all times and devote themselves fully to their research during the tenure.

At the end of the fellowship and before departure, the fellow must submit a final report of the activity done at the host laboratory as well as the titles of any papers prepared/published during the fellowship. A progress report for stays longer than 3 months is also required.

Fellows are expected to acknowledge the TRIL fellowship when presenting or publishing the content of the research conducted under the award. After termination of the fellowship, the TRIL Secretariat should be informed of any publication resulting from the research performed as a TRIL fellow.

It is understood that at the end of the Fellowship, the Fellow must return to his/her home country.

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