Programme for Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL)



TRIL Programme: 30 years of experience

The TRIL Programme represents no doubt one of the ICTP's most successful and fruitful activities.  Since 1983 in this framework, 1392 scientists (totalling 3566 grants and 19,992 person-months) from developing countries have taken advantage of opportunities to participate in high level (mostly) experimental research in active Italian teams, becoming familiar with the most advanced equipment and experiencing the international atmosphere characteristic of science at the front edge.

Universities have historically been the most numerous host institution laboratories; however, public and private research institutions such as CNR, ENEA, INFN, Sincrotrone Trieste and several others - often have available equipment specifically suited to a given research desired by Fellows and have need of high level foreign scientists in temporary situations. These types of win-win scenarios have proven to be beneficial for everyone and underline the value of the TRIL programme. A large number of Italian laboratories have contributed to TRIL without any charge for the assistance offered to the Fellows and, in fact, a significant fraction of the TRIL budget is due to their contributions. In addition, the Italian Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MAE) and of University and Research (MIUR) have also financially supported special projects.

As a measure of the success of the Programme one can point to the often significant contribution offered by Fellows to the research activity of the laboratory, the good standard of published reports, and the fact that a TRIL fellowship, considered a guarantee of academic excellence, has frequently been instrumental in the scientists' progress in his/her academic career. Many of these fellows in fact occupy (or will occupy) high level positions in their home countries, both in the academic field (University Vice Chancellors, Dean of Faculties) as well as in the technical-political field (high level government officials, Ministers). The stay in Italy also represents a rewarding cultural and human experience, even more if the fellow is accompanied by his family members.




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Thirty years later, the TRIL Programme can be considered to be a very valuable component of the action of the ICTP to strengthen scientific-technological professionals in the developing world, in the broader framework of bolstering relations between the North and the South.

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