ICTP's Funding Priorities

ICTP's rich offering of science activities--from its joint degree programmes to its annual calendar of conferences, schools and workshops--benefit scientists from every corner of the globe, especially those from disadvantaged countries. By contributing to ICTP, you support not only a world-class research and education centre, but also the sustainable development of humanity. For more details about ICTP's funding priorities, visit the links below.

ICTP's Mission: Teaching and Research
Students from Developing Countries
Women in Science
Physics Without Frontiers

ICTP's Mission: Teaching and Research


Endowed Chairs

ICTP aims to recruit distinguished professors whenever positions become available as the centre ventures into new theoretical research areas. Creating chairs in these new areas guarantees their long-term sustainability at ICTP. Endowed chairs are widely recognized as the most prestigious honour that ICTP can bestow on accomplished faculty members.


The Associates programme is one of the cornerstones of ICTP's activities. Scientists from developing countries come to ICTP for three visits of 2-3 months a year during a 5-year period. The purpose of these visits is to enable these scientists to utilize ICTP's world-class library and computer facilities, to focus on their research and to connect with their scientific peers.

Training & Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL)

ICTP has a long and successful tradition of providing research and training opportunities to scientists from the developing world. These scientists participate in side-by-side high-level research, mostly experimental, on active Italian teams, with advanced equipment, while experiencing an international atmosphere. Under this programme, scientists are expected to visit Italian research facilities for three 2-month visits over a five year period.

Sandwich Training Education Programme (STEP)

STEP offers fellowship opportunities to PhD students in developing countries in the fields of physics, mathematics and related areas. The goal of the programme is to strengthen the scientific capability of young postgraduate students in developing countries to better contribute and serve the scientific, technical, and economic development of their home countries.

Conference and Workshops Sponsorships

ICTP organises more than 60 conferences/workshops/schools every year in all areas of physics, mathematics and related subjects at its campus in Trieste, attracting some 6000 participants each year. At least a third of the participants come from developing countries and are funded by ICTP. Your support will enable ICTP to offer more travel scholarships to outstanding scientists from developing countries and help cover their event related costs while in Trieste.

Senior Postdoctoral Fellowships

As ICTP's research work continues to evolve into new and innovative areas, there is an increasing need to establish senior postdoctoral or advanced research fellowships. Your support will enable ICTP to establish five-year senior postdoctoral positions that are key for the efficient flow of research activities and communication between students and young postdocs with faculty members and senior visitors.

Students from Developing Countries

DonateSDCScholarships are vital at ICTP, where students and young scientists are admitted regardless of their financial ability. Cash gifts for scholarships are a priority for ICTP and will continue supporting the centre's current and new education programmes to develop scientific excellence around the world.

Postgraduate Diploma Programme

ICTP recently enhanced its successful 1-year Postgraduate Diploma Programme to accept more top students from less advantaged countries. Your support will enable ICTP to provide more scholarships to these young scientists from developing countries around the world.

PhD Students

ICTP has a PhD programme in collaboration with other scientific institutes in the region. Funding will enable ICTP to not overlook any qualified applicants due to financial constraints.

OEA Programmes

ICTP, through its Office of External Activities, supports PhD students throughout the developing world. Its Affiliated Centres programme offers a limited number of fellowships to students from developing countries, other than the host country, who wish to pursue a postgraduate course leading to a PhD or master degree at one of the ICTP Affiliated Centres. 

Women in Science

DonateWISICTP supports a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the participation and representation of women in physics at the Centre. These include:

More actions are planned, thanks to the appointment of a coordinator for ICTP's women in physics initiatives. Help us in our efforts to improve gender equity in science by donating to ICTP.

Physics Without Frontiers

DonatePWFICTP’s Physics Without Frontiers (PWF) programme is about breaking down barriers in accessing physics and mathematics research. It works to inspire, train and motivate physics and mathematics university students worldwide, especially those in science and technology lagging countries, to help build the next generation of scientists.

PWF organises short-term, educational projects working with volunteer scientists (PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, or lecturers from all over the world) passionate to promote physics and mathematics. Each project is unique, developed with a country's specific needs in mind.  Projects include:

  • University courses: PWF partners with physics and mathematics departments that are unable to teach specific courses due to a lack of resources. The programme faciliates an expert to visit the university to teach the course and where possible train local faculty.

  • Schools: PWF organise pedagogical schools at universities for local undergraduate and master students from across the country. The programme aims to expose and train the students in research fields they lack access to.
  • Roadshows: Roadshows are organised by groups of young researchers, passionate about advocating their research field back in their home country. The roadshow centres around intensive, one-day activities in universities across the host country, in addition to outreach and public events.

Donate now to ICTP's Physics Without Frontiers programme.