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2018 QLS Publication list


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G. Reddy, J. Wong-Ng, A. Celani, T.J. Sejnowski, M. Vergassola
Glider soaring via reinforcement learning in the field
Nature 562, 236 (2018)


L. Lacasa, I.P. Mariño, J. Miguez, V. Nicosia, É. Roldán, A. Lisica, S. W. Grill and J. Gómez-Gardeñes
Multiplex Decomposition of Non-Markovian Dynamics 
and the Hidden Layer Reconstruction Problem
Phys. Rev. X 8, 031038 (2018)


A. Mazzolini, M. Gherardi, M. Caselle, M. Cosentino Lagomarsino, and M. Osella
Statistics of Shared Components in Complex Component Systems
Phys. Rev. X (2018) 8, 021023


A. C. Barato, É. Roldán, I. A. Martínez and S. Pigolotti
Arcsine Laws in Stochastic Thermodynamics
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121 (9), 090601 (2018)


M. Adorisio, A. Pezzotta, C. de Mulatier, C. Micheletti, A. Celani
Exact and Efficient Sampling of Conditioned Walks
J Stat Phys (2018) 170: 79


S. Colabrese, K. Gustavsson, A. Celani, L. Biferale
Smart inertial particles
Phys. Rev. Fluids 3, 084301 (2018)


A. Pezzotta, M. Adorisio, A. Celani
Chemotaxis emerges as the optimal solution to cooperative search games
Physical Review E 98, 042401 (2018)


A. Mazzolini, J. Grilli, E. De Lazzari, M. Osella, M. Cosentino Lagomarsino, and M. Gherardi
Zipf and Heaps laws from dependency structures in component systems
Phys. Rev. E  98, 012315 (2018)


A. Mazzolini, A. Colliva, M. Caselle, and M. Osella
Heaps' law, statistics of shared components, and temporal patterns from a sample-space-reducing process
Phys. Rev. E 98, 052139 (2018)


J. Wong-Ng, A. Celani, M. Vergassola
Exploring the function of bacterial chemotaxis
Current opinion in microbiology 45:16-21 (2018)


R. Chetrite, S. Gupta, I. Neri and É. Roldán
Martingale theory for housekeeping heat
EPL 124, 60006 (2018)


G. Micali, J. Grilli, J. Marchi, M. Osella, M.  Cosentino Lagomarsino
Dissecting the Control Mechanisms for DNA Replication and Cell Division in E. coli
Cell reports Volume 25, ISSUE 3, P761-771.e4, October 16, (2018)


J. Song, M. Marsili, J. Jo
Resolution and relevance trade-offs in deep learning
J. Stat. Mech.: Theory and Experiment, 2018 (12), 123406


R. Cubero, M. Marsili, Y. Roudi
Minimum Description Length codes are critical
Entropy 20 (10), 755 (2018)


A. Beretta, C. Battistin, C. De Mulatier, I. Mastromatteo and M. Marsili
The stochastic complexity of spin models: are pairwise models really simple?
Entropy 20 (10), 739 (2018) (cover article)


S. Jun, F. Si, R. Pugatch and M. Scott
Fundamental principles in bacterial physiology—history, recent progress, and the future with focus on cell size control: a review
Reports on Progress in Physics (2018) Volume 81, Number 5