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2017 QLS Publication list


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S. Bo, A. Celani
Multiple-scale stochastic processes: decimation, averaging and beyond
Physics reports 670 (2017)


S. Colabrese, K. Gustavsson, A. Celani, L. Biferale
Flow navigation by smart microswimmers via reinforcement learning
Phys Rev Lett 118, 158004 (2017)


L. Gresele, M. Marsili
On Maximum Entropy and Inference
Entropy (2017) 19, 642


A. Cavagna, I. Giardina, A. Jelic et al.
Nonsymmetric Interactions Trigger Collective Swings in Globally Ordered Systems
Phys Rev Lett (2017 Mar 31) 118(13): 138003


A. Kimura, A. Celani, H. Nagao, T. Stasevich and K. Nakamura
Estimating cellular parameters through optimization procedures: elementary principles and applications
in "Quantitative Biology: Dynamics of Living Systems", Publisher: Frontiers Media SA, ISBN: 9782889452132, Product Name: Frontiers Research Topic Ebook



A. Martirosyan, M. Marsili, A. De Martino
Translating ceRNA Susceptibilities into Correlation Functions
Biophys Journal (2017) 113(1), 206-213


R. Díaz Hernandez Rojas, A. Solis, A.M. Angulo Martinez, A.B. U'Ren, J.G. Hirsch, M. Marsili, I. Perez Castillo
Improving randomness characterization through Bayesian model selection
Scientific Reports 7, 3096 (2017)


M. Bardoscia, G. Livan, M. Marsili
Statistical mechanics of complex economies
J Stat Mech (2017) 043401


A. Puliafito, L. Primo, A. Celani
Cell-size distribution in epithelial tissue formation and homeostasis
J R Soc Interface (2017) 14(128) 20170032


A. Pezzotta, M. Adorisio, A. Celani
From Conformational Spread to Allosteric and Cooperative models of E. coli flagellar motor
J Stat Mech (2017) 023402


K. Gustavsson, L. Biferale, A. Celani, S. Colabrese
Finding efficient swimming strategies in a three-dimensional chaotic flow by reinforcement learning
Eur Phys J E (2017) 40: 110


A. Baucon, C. N. De Carvalho, R. Barbieri, F. Bernardini, B. Cavalazzi, A. Celani, F. Felleti, A. Ferretti, H.P. Schönlaub, A. Todaro, C. Tuniz
Organism-substrate interactions and astrobiology: Potential, models and methods
Earth-Science Reviews (2017) 171:141-180


A. Jelic
Networks of Interaction in Moving Animal Groups and Collective Changes of Direction
Proceedings of the Belgrade Bioinformatics Conference, 2016, 64