Earth System Physics


Global Model: SPEEDY

A simplified GCM developed at ICTP

SPEEDY is a simplified GCM developed at ICTP by Franco Molteni and Fred Kucharski.

The ICTP AGCM (nicknamed SPEEDY, for "Simplified Parameterizations, privitivE-Equation DYnamics") is based on a spectral dynamical core developed at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. It is a hydrostatic, s-coordinate, spectral-transform model in the vorticity-divergence form, with semi-implicit treatment of gravity waves.

Typical performance on a Pentium 4 (3.40GHz) processor: 1 year of simulation can be run in 12 min.

For reference, please cite:

Molteni F (2003) Atmospheric simulations using a GCM with simplified physical  parametrizations. I. Model climatology and variability in multi-decadal experiments. Clim Dyn 20: 175-191
Kucharski F, Molteni F, and Bracco A (2006) Decadal interactions between the western tropical Pacific and the North Atlantic Oscillation. Clim Dyn 26: 79-91

For downloading SPEEDY, please contact: (Fred Kucharski)