Earth System Physics


Application Model: CHYM

A distributed hydrological model


CHYM is a distributed hydrological model, developed by the University of Aquila and in use and under further development in ESP. It has been successfully applied to the Niger and Volta river basins and is very simple to apply to a new basin for your research since it uses an iterative algorithm to automatically calculate the drainage network from minimal adjustments to a 1km resolution digital elevation map.

The model has been coupled to the REGCM regional climate model and also to ECMWF forecasts.

You can download the CHYM code here:

Please note that the model is not running under GFORTRAN currently. This will be corrected in the near future.

  • bin: directory where some executable from the graphical package have to be placed
  • bin.tar: the same as before but in a tar file
  • chym4: actual model code
  • chymlab4: graphical tool to plot the output
  • libchym.a: pgi compiled library needed from the chym4 model
  • museo.tar.gz: archive where the DEM and other stuff needed from the model are
  • ncarg: ncar graphical library needed from the model
  • ncarg.tar: the same as before but in a tar file
  • regcm2chym: program needed to convert regcm model output into chym format