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CMSP 2nd Annual meeting

The tradition continues!

CMSP 2nd Annual meeting
CMSP 2nd Annual meeting



Carried by the successful revival of the old annual CMSP meeting tradition which took place last year, the 2nd edition in the series sought to be up to the mark of its predecessor. And it was!

As usual, the main recipe of the meeting was for PhD students and postdocs to present their recent works in an informal format bathed in a friendly atmosphere. Their brilliant presentations, made under the attentive and appreciative eyes of the CMSP professors, displayed the richness of the various fields of research present in the group. Already during coffee and lunch breaks, diverse discussions were carried on which hopefully would spring forth into fruitful ideas and/or collaborations.

As demands the tradition, the last talk was given by Erio Tosatti who credited CMSP former members, who, through their abnegation and sacrifice, added their own building stone to the edifice that forms the current group stature.

The meeting was concluded by a pleasant walk in one of the Val Rosandra paths, followed by an original picnic with homemade cakes made by our devoted postdocs!