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Parafermions: an exact solvable model

Topological phases of parafermions


 The past two decades have witnessed an impressive progress in understanding how to harness quantum systems supporting topological order, one of the ultimate goals being the observation of exotic quasi-particles with non-Abelian statistics – non-Abelian anyons - which localize at the boundaries of the system and play a key role in several robust quantum  information protocol. These studies have always benefited from the development of exactly solvable models and of paradigmatic wave functions, whose detailed analysis permit the formation of a clear physical intuition, to be used in the understanding of complex experimental setups.

In a recent work  published in Physical Review Letters [Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 170402 (2017)], Fernando Iemini  and coworkers focus on parafermions quasiparticles (a generalization of the famous Majorana fermions) and present an exactly solvable model supporting such exotic quasiparticles, thus providing the community with a powerful tool for novel directions.