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CMSP Annual Meeting 2017

Good old tradition resurrected and revamped



On the 18th and 19th of May 2017, the members of the Condensed Matter and Statistical (CMSP) group at ICTP experienced the revival of an old tradition during the Annual CMSP meeting 2017 organized by Thibaud Maimbourg, Nicola Seriani, Oleg Brovko, Angelo Russomanno, Marina de Comelli, Nicoletta Ivanissevich and Sananda Biswas.

The main idea of the meeting was to gather together all the members of the CMSP group in a relaxed atmosphere, in order to obtain a general idea of the broad and diverse scope of the research topics tackled by the section. The participants were exposed to cutting-edge fields ranging from materials for renewable energy applications to strongly correlated many-body systems passing by non-equilibrium quantum systems and physics at the nanoscale. The main actors were post-docs and PhD students who were to present their work in a pedagogical and accessible manner to non-experts.

The interactions between the group members continued during the "spicy" walk that took place in “Foce dell'Isonzo - Isola della Cona”, one of the best known bird-watching areas in northern Italy.

The meeting was closed by Erio Tosatti with an inspiring talk on the history of the group, starting from the early efforts of Stig Lundqvist, Norman March, Paul Butcher, John Ziman and Franco Bassani.