22 Nov 2018

Postdoc Opening

Modeling of soap-film based membranes for artificial photosynthesis

21 May 2018

CMSP 2nd Annual meeting

The tradition continues!

18 Sep 2017

Heat-control in Nano-devices

Full-fledged theory of thermoelectricity at nanoscale

23 May 2017

CMSP Annual Meeting 2017

Good old tradition resurrected and revamped

09 May 2017

Parafermions: an exact solvable model

Topological phases of parafermions

29 Mar 2017

JCP Article Selected for 2016 Editors Choice

Nuclear Quantum Effects in an HIV/Cancer Inhibitor

24 Feb 2017

3 minutes of fame for ICTP student

Nawaz Qaisrani from CMSP performs @ FameLab

09 Dec 2016

Coupled Modes

Coupled multi-mode theory for iron-based superconductors

15 Nov 2016

Insights from Natural Orbitals

A well-scaling natural orbital theory

27 Oct 2016

A quantum-metrology approach to thermodynamics

Results from a collaboration between ICTP and Scuola Normale Superiore propose a quantum-metrology approach to thermodynamics.

26 Sep 2016

New Faces @ CMSP

We also welcome our new Senior Postdoc, Marcello Dalmonte.

26 Sep 2016

New Faces @ CMSP

Welcome to the new batch of diploma students.