Applied Physics

Physics of the Living State

Covering a wide spectrum in the frontier of physics with life and earth sciences

This programme covers a wide spectrum in the frontier of physics with life and earth sciences and is currently supported by a large group of Associate Members:

  • Biophysics. The areas of interest cover the study of biomolecules, in particular protein crystallography, electron transfer in the reaction centres of bacteria, where the main intermediate steps of photosynthesis take place. The process of protein folding is now attracting the attention not only of biophysicists, but even specialists from other areas, such as condensed matter physics. Research in biophysics has also included the origin, evolution, distribution and destiny of life.
  • Neurophysics. With its modern molecular biology background, neurophysics is an exciting area of research that has been developed at the Centre through a series of colleges and symposia. It is also possible to consider this subject in the broader context of neuronal structure and function, while addressing important issues of perception, learning, memory, behaviour and computational aspects.

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Local co-ordinator:
ICTP's Physics of the Living State activities are co-ordinated by Julian Chela Flores.