Applied Physics

Optics and Laser Physics

The physics of light

The laboratory is located within the Synchrotron Light Facility Elettra, in Trieste. The close link with ICTP is, however, kept through the ICTP Associates, who can spend their stay in the laboratory, and through the annual ICTP Winter Colleges on Optics.

The laboratory collaborates with ICTP on the programmes of optics and atomic physics. The main research lines are:

  • Applications of femtosecond lasers to Free Electron Laser development
  • Physics and applications of short pulse lasers
  • Diagnostics of VUV and soft X-ray light pulses

Office: LB room 275
Phone: (+39) 040 2240 607
Fax: (+39) 040 224163
Email: niemela@ictp.it

Local co-ordinator:
ICTP's Optics and Laser Physics activities are co-ordinated by Joseph Niemela.