Selection Process

How Federated Institutes are chosen

Institutes are selected through a procedure that takes place once a year. The number of Federated Institutes awarded each year is determined by the availability of funds for the programme.

A period of three months is usually necessary between the deadline of the application and the date of selection.

Applications are examined by a relevant committee--there is one for each of the ICTP research fields. If an application does not meet all of the criteria, it will not be considered. All eligible applications are carefully evaluated by the committees, which take into account, among other things:

  • The applicant's qualifications;
  • The standing of the Institute in its home country and in the region;
  • The benefit of the programme to the affiliates;
  • The benefit to the Institute in the context of its research objectives;
  • The benefit to the region.

These committees report to the head of the Office of Associates and Federated Institutes (OAF), providing short lists of candidate Institutes. The head of the OAF takes into consideration the recommendation of the committees, as well as other factors such as geographical diversity, gender balance amongst proposed affiliates and availability of funds, before making a final decision.