The benefits of being a Federated Institute

Duration of Agreement

Federated Institute agreements are valid for three years. At the end of the agreement, the Institute is free to make a new application to the Office. Automatic extensions are not envisaged.


The agreement enables young scientists (up to the age of 40) to participate in ICTP's scientific programmes on a cost-sharing basis. The agreement stipulates that:

  • The Federated Institute has up to a total of 90 person days available at ICTP during the three-year validity of the agreement with not more than 45 person days in a given calendar year.
  • Members of the Federated Institute apply directly to ICTP activities that they wish to attend. The acceptance and the duration of the visit are determined solely by the selection committees of the activities.
  • Cost sharing is understood to mean that ICTP provides local accommodation in Trieste and a per diem, while the travel expenses are borne by both ICTP and the Federated Institute. The amount contributed by ICTP towards travel depends on the region in which the Federated Institute resides. Over the period of the agreement, the contribution from ICTP towards travel is €1500 for North Africa, Eastern Europe and Western Asia, and €3000 for Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and Eastern Asia and Latin America.