Associate and Federation Schemes

The Associateship Scheme, one of ICTP's oldest programmes, provides support for active scientists from developing countries to maintain long-term, formal contact with the Centre.

The programme supports the visits of scientists to ICTP, exposing them to the most modern aspects of their scientific fields. In return, the Associates are expected to play a major role in building their scientific communities, enhancing physics and mathematics education at all levels, and planning research projects related to the specific needs of their home regions.

While the Associates Scheme establishes relationships between ICTP and individual scientists, ICTP also collaborates with scientific institutes in developing countries to offer sabbatical opportunities to junior scientists. Through the Federation Arrangement Scheme, these institutes can send their scientists (up to the age of 40) to ICTP for visits ranging from 60 to 150 days during a period of three years, on a cost-sharing basis.

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