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PWF Schools

Training and educating students


Physics Without Frontiers organises schools in physics and mathematics for undergraduate and master students to provide intense training lasting several days in areas of research that is presently lacking.


The schools are organised by groups of scientists who are experts in the field, with it being encouraged that some of them are from the host country and working abroad.

The projects are pedagogical, involving interactive lectures, hands-on sessions, problem classes, and student presentations or poster sessions are encouraged.

Public events are often incorporated, to engage the public with physics and mathematics and showcase the student's work.

Read about our projects in countries all over the world!


The aim of the projects is to: 

  • educate and train university students on specific topics in physics or mathematics;
  • specifically provide hands on training through analysis or problem solving sessions;
  • educate students about careers and opportunities in research;
  • provide mentoring and support for students interested in further study;
  • connect scientists to universities to facilitate collaboration.

Physics Without Frontiers invites teams of scientists wishing to organise a school and seek full or partial funding to contact us.