Volunteer Network

PWF Volunteer Network

We achieve our aims through the passion and hard work of our network of volunteer scientists who organise projects, mentor students, support departments and provide international connections and collaboration.

Our volunteer scientists comprise of lecturers in universities in developing countries, lecturers, postdocs and graduate students originally from developing countries working abroad, along with scientists from non-developing countries and ICTP scientists.

The group members that run the projects automatically join the PWF volunteer network, and are invited to volunteer for future projects for their own or other participating countries.

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If you are interested to volunteer for a project you can email us with your CV including a brief paragraph detailing:

- Why you would like to volunteer for PWF, and if you are interested in working with a specific country.

- Specific information on courses or training you have delievered, or schools or other activities you have organised, and what topics, activities or courses you are interested in delivering.


Please bear in mind the selection for PWF volunteers is very competitive, we will only get in touch if there is a project that matches your skill set.