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Physics Without Frontiers roadshows are organized in a host country to promote research in physics or mathematics that is lacking. They are organized by small working groups of PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and lecturers, passionate about promoting physics in their home country. Read about some of the projects we have organised in over 17 countries!

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The goals of the Physics Without Frontiers roadshows are to:

  • Inspire and motivate physics and mathematics undergraduate and master students by introducing them to cutting-edge research, drive them to continue their studies and consider a career in research.
  • Connect working group members back to universities in the host country, working together to advocate their field in their home country. 
  • Build networks and develop collaboration between the working group members, and the faculty members and students at universities in the host country. Collaboration between universities is also strongly encouraged.
  • Provide excellent role models to students, and provide continued mentoring and support to interested and motivated students throughout their studies and career.
  • Engage and excite high school students with physics and mathematics.



Roadshows are centred around visiting physics or mathematics departments throughout a host country and exposing students to cutting-edge research they would not otherwise have access to through intensive one-day activities. This may often include:

  • advanced level lectures presented by the PWF volunteer team, who are researchers in the given field;
  • hands-on sessions, that enable students to analyse real data and discuss the results with experts;
  • virtual visits, where the students connect live with researchers at international facilities such as CERN, ICTP or other scientific institutions;
  • careers and opportunities sessions, that provide students with information and advice on further study and career development.

Roadshows also include outreach activities, such as events to engage the public, media and policy makers and raise public awareness about the importance of investing in physics and mathematics education and research; outreach activities ar ealso organised in schools and children centres to engage and excite young people with physics and mathematics.

Topics may include: High energy physics, cosmology, astroparticle physics, condensed matter physics, statistical physics, earth system physics, and mathematics. Other topics will be considered. 

The PWF volunteer team often consists primarily of young researchers (PhD or postdoc) orginally from the host country, either working there or internationally, who are passionate to promote their field in their home country.

PWF invites working groups that are interested in organising a Physics Without Frontiers Roadshow to apply (see Apply now). The 2020 call is now closed, but you can still contact us, should you wish to discuss project ideas.