Physics Without Frontiers

Worldwide physics outreach




03 Jun 2020

New Masters Programme for Afghan Students

ICTP-PWF and IASBS filling a need for physics students

09 Apr 2019

Safeguarding Our Planet Through Science

Physics Without Frontiers in Zimbabwe

31 Jul 2018

Physics for Africa

ICTP's fundamental physics school comes to Namibia

11 Jul 2018

ICTP's Bobby Acharya Honored

The IOP Lawrence Bragg Medal and Prize

02 May 2018

Physics Without Frontiers in Kabul

First workshop in Afghanistan

06 Sep 2017

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates

Marwan Najjar: Knowledge as Power

25 Jan 2017

Physics Without Frontiers in South America

Venezuela and Colombia host joint program

29 Feb 2016

Physics Diplomacy

ICTP and CERN's physics road show in Nepal

19 Oct 2016

Physics Without Frontiers Leads to ICTP

Diploma student reflects on educational journey

28 Apr 2015

Outreach Success

ICTP postdoc Kate Shaw's physics roadshow awarded prize

27 Jun 2013

Destination: Algeria

Physics without Frontiers masterclasses target Northern Africa

13 Jun 2012

Physics Without Frontiers

ICTP, CERN programme inspires young scientists in Palestine