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Physics REBoot Venezuela

Physics Research and Education Bootcamps for Venezuela

Physics Research and Education Bootcamps for Venezuela (Physics REBoot Venezuela) is a year-long project by COF Alumni USB and ICTP’s Physics Without Frontiers, comprised of a series of bootcamps, a networking fair, and collaborations with other organizations, that aims to improve the career-developing conditions of undergraduate and graduate physics students in Venezuela that have been impacted by the hardship the nation is undergoing.

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The project has four components:

  1. Applied Computer Science bootcamp, 29 August - 13 September 2021, indico Page.

  2. Soft Skills bootcamp, 16-30 January 2022, indico Page.

  3. Quantum Information bootcamp, 15-30th April 2022, indico Page.

  4. Networking fair, Summer 2022.

The proposed bootcamps in applied computer science and in quantum information science and technology bolster specific learning experience and research opportunities while creating national and international collaborations; the soft skills bootcamp shapes better rounded-up scientists; and the networking fair helps connect Venezuelan students with scientists abroad. 

 Physics REBoot Venezuela strives to accomplish COF Alumni USB’s goals of serving Venezuelan students by providing them with career mentoring, research opportunities, professional development, networking opportunities, and a supportive community. By organizing these series of complementary activities, the following objectives will be accomplished: 

  1. Facilitate the access to career mentoring, so the students are made aware of their options and can make informed decisions when planning their career paths.

  2. Provide “soft skills” training that any undergraduate student will need to successfully perform in their academic and professional lives.

  3. Provide students with tools to improve their mental health awareness and well-being.

  4. Create a liaison between undergraduate students and future master and doctoral programs, as well as other networking opportunities.

  5. Promote modern research in various areas of physics that have seen little to no development in Venezuela in recent years.




COF Alumni USB’s project coordinators:

  • Maria Teresa Barrera, RWTH Aachen University.

  • Antonio Figueroa, RWTH Aachen University.

  • Mauricio Gómez Viloria, Université de Strasbourg (IPCMS).

  • Manuel Morgado, Université de Strasbourg (CESQ).

  • Kevin Ng, Northeastern University.

  • Julián Rey, Instituto de Física Teórica, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

  • Anabel Romero Hernandez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Karleyda Sandoval, Oklahoma State University.