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The PHYSICS MEETUP is a collaborative space devoted to building connections and fostering encounters between Filipino physics learners and international scientists. Online public lectures are delivered regularly by some of the most exciting people in science!

Hosted by the Department of Physics of Central Mindanao University, the Physics Meetup was inspired by their students in Bukidnon who never got the chance of meeting and interacting with “real-life” scientists. Located on the island of Mindanao, Bukidnon is a rural province home to seven indigenous tribes of the Philippines, where most of their physics and physics education students live in or are members of these tribal communities.

Physics Meetup Feb 2021 Poster CopyStories about scientists have always served as one of students’ motivations to pursue physics. However, due to fewer opportunities for students to attend national conferences, meeting scientists can be limited. 

Physics Meetup connects Filipino and international students to international scientists for free live outreach seminars. Strong emphasis is made to invite students living in remote areas to join.

From around 40 participants from within Bukidnon, the sessions have grown to accommodate 200-450 participants from all over the Philippines on Zoom and more than 2,000 views on Facebook live-stream. In addition at least 100 student participants since January 2021 have been provided with mobile data assistance to access the internet and join the sessions. 


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