Physics Without Frontiers

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Nepal has two main universities offering undergraduate and master studies in Physics: Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University.

Physics Without Frontiers masterclass projects have run 2014 and 2016,, in both cases where the two universities have collaborated together and organised two-day training sessions. These include lectures by ATLAS physicists, a hands on session where the students analyse LHC data collected by ATLAS, and virtual visits directly to scientists working at CERN. Read more about the project here.

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Numerous outreach activities have been organised, both engaging local schools and children homes, and engaging the public and policy makers. 

In addition, a month-long course in numerical methods was organised, giving the students advanced skills and interaction with cutting-edge research.

Many students have gone onto further study outside of Nepal, in particular one master student is doing his master thesis in Nepal on the ATLAS experiment in collaboration with ICTP, and a group were inspired to set up the Milky Way Outreach Network to motivate young high school students with physics.

Photograph: Students from 2016 Masterclass project.