Physics Without Frontiers

Worldwide physics outreach



Due to the recent activity and interest in particle physics research shown in Lebanon, including becoming involved with the CMS experiment at CERN a Physics Without Frontiers project was set up to work with physics students interested in the field. The project aimed to inspire and engage the physics undergraduates and master students with the exciting field of particle physics, and motivate the students to continue their studies and consider going into research in particle physics.

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Masterclasses were organised in 2015 and 2016 in four of the main universities in Lebanon, giving the students the opportunity to analyse LHC data collected by CMS and connect directly with CMS scientists at CERN.

Students from the activity have gone on to further study at ICTP and elsewhere, and many have shown great interest in the Lebanese efforts in the CMS experiment.

Photograph: Students from the Lebanese University with the Physics Without Frontiers team in 2015.