Physics Without Frontiers

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Kurdistan Region in Iraq

Partnering with the University of Sulaimani and Salahaddin University-Erbil Physics Without Frontiers is working to support physics students and faculty throughout the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

In 2019, working Nzar Rauf, a winter school on Cosmology and Particle Physics was oragnised at the University of Sulaimani . With over 100 participants attending from the region, Italian physicst Daniele Gregoris (Yangzhou University), Iraqi Kurdish physicists Muhsin Burhan (University of Science and Technology of China) and Hiwa Ahmed (Central South University), and British physicist Kate Shaw (ICTP) covered lectures and traning in the landscape and new areas in cosmology and particle physics.

Regional Coordinator: Musin Burhan.

Local coordiantor: Nzar Rauf.


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The school provided a comprehensive introduction to the new ideas and discoveries at the forefront of particle physics and modern cosmology, from both an experimental and theoretical point of view. Along with lectures, interactive sessions, and problem classes, the students had the opportunity to learn how to analyse LHC data from the ATLAS experiment, and a live video conference was held with CERN to speak live to scientists down in the ATLAS experiment.