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Advanced Topics in Computing: A Course on computational infrastructure for Central America and the Caribbean

This project created and implemented a university course in computer sciences for students and professors throughout Central America and the Caribbean, developed at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, and delivered in remote areas of the country: San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

Aims and objectives

The project worked to develop and implement a computational skills and data science for advanced physics students and professors in Central America. This is the first that several countries of the region join efforts in a PWF project. A truly re-usable evergreen course material plus the design and testing of on-demand computer infrastructure for small institutions. Based on Open Access resources and datasets, the idea was to profit from current and past expertise in Open Data management and design programs in ATLAS at CERN, the several ICTP-PWF programs in Latin America, the recent LA-CoNGA course and ESCAPE (EU-funded) school. And in-house ICTP schools like the CODATA workshop and the 6+ years experience of CEVALE2VE Online Course in Experimental Particle Physics.

The course was developed primarily with the Universidad Autónoma de Honduras, targeting undergraduate and master's university students. Originally designed for students in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala.

This pilot project was framed into a more broad collaboration with several entities in Honduras in outreach and education of current scientific tools in the country's universities as one step forward to develop more educational programs and computational infrastructure for education.