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Currently Guatemala is looking to increase the number of professionals with solid STEM backgrounds and excellent programming skills. Two institutions in particular are taking on this challenge, the Universidad de San Carlos and the Universidad del Valle, by running undergraduate physics and mathematics programs whose quality has been steadily increasing in recent years. However, these institutions suffer from a shortage of personnel, material resources, and little emphasis has been given to the development of transferable skills. 

ICTP Physics Without Frontiers (PWF), in cooperation with these universities and the University of Liverpool, are organising the first PWF in Guatemala to address these issues. Dr Kurt Rinnert (University of Liverpool) will be teaching a two-week intensive course in Practical Programming for Scientists to undergraduate students and lecturers in physics and related subjects, to provide them with a solid foundation in the principles of programming. 

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The focus of the course is to give the participants a solid foundation in the principles and pratice of programming. The course includes a programming challenge that requires the students to solve problems of ever increasing difficulty beyond the format of conventional exercises.

The course uses Python which is a versatile programming language used by researchers in many areas of science for data analysis. Importantly, Python is becoming the language of choice of many practitioners in booming industries such as Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, and Data Science.

In addition to the course there will be a public event where Dr Kurt Rinnert and Dr Kate Shaw will be discussing physics, big data, and PWF, to an innovation and tech crowd to emphasis the important skills of physics graduates and opportunities resulting from investing more in the fundamental sciences. The poster for this event is at the bottom of this page.

Course details and lecture slides can be found on the ICTP PWF Indico 

Photographs are on the PWF Flickr Page

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Speakers: Dr Kurt Rinnert (University of Liverpool), Dr Kate Shaw (ICTP, University of Sussex)

PWF Guatemala Coordinators: Alvaro Veliz Osorio (Jagiellonian University),

Local Coordinators:  Juan Diego Chang (Universidad del Valle), Zaida Urrutia (Universidad del Valle), Enrique Pazos (Universidad de San Carlos), Ninotchka Matute (Fundacion Crecer)

Co-sponsored by Kingo - Guatemala, Fundación Crecer Guatemala, and University of Liverpool.