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PWF has been working with the University of Kabul, Afghanistan, since 2018 with the PWF coordinator for the country Baktash Amini. We are partnering with the universities to support their aims to expand their physics courses and in time develop research. Currently four universities offer BSc Physics courses, we are supporting the Univrsity of Kabul in their endevour to create a MSc course.

Our aims are:

  1. To organise annual schools for students for physics students from universities throughout the country, in order to train students in areas currently not taught. See details of the 2018 and 2019 schools below. In 2020 PWF will be organising a school in condensed matter physics.
  2. To support strong students and faculty with further study. PWF are collaborating with two faculty members at Kabul University for the topic for their masters thesis. And PWF have partnered with IASBS in Iran, to offer 5 joint scholarships for 2 years for a MSc taught program with master thesis. Poster and Website.
  3. To support faculty with new advanced courses. PWF is collaborating with the physical society in Iran to organise a summer school in 2020 for faculty members.
  4. To faciliate international collaborations and networks. PWF is has brought networks of ICTP and CERN to physicsts in Afghanistan and working to extend their network.

Projects : Below gives an overview of the 2018 and 2019 schools. We have a proposal for 2020 for a school in condensed matter physics.

2019: School on Theoretical and Experimental concepts in High Energy Physics (HEP).

A four-day school on HEP was organised in April 2019 with over 100 registered participants. Lectures, hands-on sessions, problem classes and discussion sessions will be presented by Marco Celoria (ICTP), Fawad Hassan (Stockholm University), Zainab Nazari (Boğaziçi University and ICTP), and Kate Shaw (ICTP and University of Sussex) in liaison with Baktash Amini (University of Kabul) who is the ICTP PWF Coordinator for Afghanistan.

The agenda for the workshop can be found here.


Afghanistan Poster

2018: High Energy Physics (HEP) Workshop, Kabul University, Afghanistan.

The 2 day HEP workshop had over 250 participants from different universities in the region. This first workshop made first links to the department and the faculy members, and was designed to introduce HEP and research topics to the participants, and career and opportunities session was given. 

An outreach day accompanied the program, where high school students came to a local science centre and receievd an interactive session about cosmology. After a tour around the science centre, local high school students also exhibited their inventions.

The agenda for the workshop can be found here. Read the ICTP News item here.

Speakers: Kate Shaw (ICTP), Encieh Arfani (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences),

Guest Speaker: Wakil Sarfaraz (University of Sussex)

PWF Afghanistan Coordinator: Baktash Amini (University of Kabul)

Local Organising Team: Ahmad Sajad Nazari (University of Kabul), Jawad Ahmadi (University of Kabul)