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PWF has been working with the University of Kabul, Afghanistan since 2018.

In 2018 PWF organised a workshop in High Energy Physics at Kabul University, Afghanistan, 31st March - 1st April. The programme was designed physics students with over 250 attendees, to introduce the HEP and research topics, and motivate the students with physics. A careers and opportunities session was given. 

The agenda for the workshop can be found here.

Speakers: Kate Shaw (ICTP), Encieh Arfani (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences),

Guest Speaker: Wakil Sarfaraz (University of Sussex)

PWF Afghanistan Coordinator: Baktash Amini (University of Kabul)

Local Organising Team: Ahmad Sajad Nazari (University of Kabul), Jawad Ahmadi (University of Kabul)


 You can dowload the poster from here