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ICTP-PWF-IASBS MSc Scholarships

PWF has been working with Kabul University, Afghanistan since 2018, along with the PWF coordinator for the country, Baktash Amini. As no physcis master programmes are currently offered in Afghanistan, the need for post-Bachelor’s degree training became clear to support students training and the scientific capacity in the country. PWF is pleased to offer this scholarship scheme to provide excellent students the opportunity to continue their studies in Iran.

PWF partnered with the Institute of Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, IASBS, in Iran, to offer ICTP-PWF-IASBS Scholarships. The scholarship supports students from Afghanistan for 2 years, for a taught Master's degree with an MSc thesis. Mina Zarei, Assistant Professor of Physics at IASBS, is the coordinator in Iran.

Five excellent two-year scholarships were awarded in 2019, seven scholarships in 2020, and eight scholarships in 2021 to be announced soon.

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2019 Scholarship holders with Mina Zarei (4th from left) professor at IASBS.