Physics Without Frontiers

Worldwide physics outreach




  • To train university students in core topics and cutting-edge research in physics and mathematics using enquiry-based learning and hands-on sessions by PWF Volunteers who are experts in their research fields, and teach transferable skills in computing, programming and machine learning.
  • To identify and mentor top students studying at universities without MSc/PhD programmes to go on to further study abroad, such as the ICTP diploma programme, or MSc and PhD placements.
  • To support physics and mathematics departments in universities with little or no research, by providing faculty training, taught university courses, curriculum support, research infrastructure, efforts towards the public understanding of science, and outreach to high school students and teachers.

This is achieved through the Physics Without Frontiers Volunteer Network, comprised of over 80 passionate scientists primarily originally from the partnered countries.

Working with each projects' organising committee, goals are defined and corresponding actvities are designed, and written into a detailed project proposal.

A component of outreach and diversity is incorporated into all projects, we promote networking and collaborative environments, and our mentoring scheme is open to all students.


Each project is unique, goals are defined and corresponding actvities are designed with the university's or country's specific needs in mind. These may include:

UNIVERSITY COURSES: PWF partners with physics and mathematics departments that are unable to teach specific courses due to a lack of resources. The programme facilitates an expert to visit the university to teach the course and where possible train local faculty.

SCHOOLS: PWF organises pedagogical schools at universities for local undergraduate and master students. The programme aims to expose and train the students in research fields they lack access to, and provide training in transferable computational skills.

ROADSHOWS: Roadshows are organised by groups of young researchers, passionate about advocating their research field back in their home country. The roadshow centres around intensive one-day activities in universities across the host country, in addition to outreach and public events.

ONLINE SEMINARS: PWF offers online seminars on cutting-edge and interesting topics in fundamental physics and mathematics to students and educators worldwide. These are one hour events with a PWF volunteer whis is an expert in their field.

LECTURER SUPPORT: PWF offers support to lecturers in developing countries to teach courses in physics or mathematics by providing training courses and resources, and offers support to departments to develop their BSc or MSc cirricula.

OUTREACH & DIVERSITY: Outreach and communication activities are organised in collaboration with local scientists to encourage younge people to study STEM subjects and to support diversity in physics and mathematics, in particular to address the gender gap in STEM.