ICTP's COVID-19 Response

Precautions taken to prevent spread of virus


Guidelines for Visitors

(Posted 24 September 2020)

Please find hereafter the guidelines regarding visitors and invitations that apply until further notice:

  • The Italian laws with regards to the entry to Italy must always be respected
  • Visitors from Italy have no limitations but must follow the entry on campus procedures (access on campus via the Leonardo Building or the Galileo Guesthouse (GGH)).
  • Short term visitors (staying only for a few days) coming from outside of Italy are not allowed on campus until further notice; Exceptions must be approved by the Director ICTP / Executive Director TWAS (e.g. exceptions for lecturers can be requested).
  • Long term visitors/new Staff from abroad can be invited as of 1 October 2020 and are allowed on campus only after having resided in Trieste for 2 weeks. The housing office can assist in finding suitable accommodation in the town centre.
  • Any Visitors/new staff requiring quarantine will be isolated for 2 weeks in the GGH or in private accommodation.
  • New Diploma Students will continue to arrive at ICTP also in October and will follow the procedures already in place.
  • Long term visitors are expected to arrive based on invitations from Programmes (Associates, STEP, TRIL etc.) and Sections. All existing precautionary procedures must be respected.

The following applies for visitors coming to the guesthouse on the campus for the period of the isolation:

  • The visitor has to declare to the authorities that the first accommodation during the isolation period will be at the campus. A dedicated form has to be completed and submitted to the authorities at the airport - the form is normally provided in the plane / at the airport.
  • ICTP/TWAS will arrange transport from the airport to the GGH and will cover the cost.
  • The visitor has to stay in the room for the period of isolatio.
  • All food will be provided to visitors and ICTP/TWAS will cover the cost.
  • The visitors will be supported by the Receptionists and Housing staff. 
  • The Guest House staff will communicate to the Authorities the arrival of the visitor.
  • The Authorities will perform a COVID-19 test at the end of the isolation period.
  • The isolation period ends when the test is negative.

Please refer for any questions regarding accommodation and quarantine to the housing office, email: housing@ictp.it.