ICTP's COVID-19 Response

Precautions taken to prevent spread of virus


Access Guidelines for Visitors

  • The Italian laws with regards to the entry to Italy must always be respected. (See also Ministero degli Affari Esteri - Viaggiare Sicuri on country-specific entry requirements)
  • Visitors must follow the entry on campus procedures (access on campus via the Leonardo Building, the Adriatico Guesthouse, or the Galileo Guesthouse). The buildings are open from 6:00AM through 9:30PM on business days. For security reasons the buildings should be empty before 10:00PM. In case of special needs and on an exceptional basis, colleagues with a badge can request the Security to have access to the buildings during the weekend.
  • The arrival of visitors/workers/companies without badge must be communicated in advance to the Security and Access control at least two days before the arrival at the email below by the relevant internal staff or guest contact person. It should be indicated ID info, date and the approx. hour of arrive and departure of the guest/s, an ID document is preferable and could be requested. Email request to secur_mb@ictp.it and access@ictp.it.
  • Long term visitors are expected to arrive based on invitations from Programmes (Associates, STEP, TRIL etc.) and Sections. All existing precautionary procedures must be respected.