ICTP's COVID-19 Response

Precautions taken to prevent spread of virus


ICTP's Gradual Reopening

ICTP approaches the COVID-19 emergency with the health and safety of everyone as our top concern. We will therefore continue to gradually reopen the institute with all the necessary caution in a phased approach.


As of 1 June, ICTP continues to promote teleworking for staff who can work effectively from home. Colleagues who want to come to the office need to agree with their supervisor on the schedule of their presence, in order to limit the total number of people at ICTP. As you enter the ICTP premises, your body temperature will be measured by thermo-scan devices before your badge is activated for the day. Library services will be limited to arranging book loans upon request during weekdays between 9:00-16:00. The Library space will remain closed to users.

PHASE 2: MAY 2020

For Phase 2, for the period between 18 and 31 May, the guiding principle will remain that all staff, contract holders and other personnel who can work from home should continue their teleworking arrangements. Access to ICTP is possible on a limited basis. The presence of staff on the premises should be limited and be based on immediate necessity. Please see the following frequently asked questions for more details.

1. Can I access ICTP?

From 18 May 2020, you can access ICTP's premises for work that requires you to be present at ICTP.

2. What do I have to do to access ICTP? Who authorises me?

Supervisors will evaluate the needs of any individual staff members and contract holders to come to the office. Such visits to ICTP should be short.

3. What happens upon my arrival at ICTP?

You can access ICTP during regular business hours. Access to any building on the ICTP premises will be via the ICTP main entrance at the LB, where the body temperature will be measured by thermo-scan devices. Self-certification and related statement on Covid-19 will need to be completed. Once cleared, the badge will be activated for the day of presence.

4. Are the cafeterias and bars in operation?

ICTP's bar and cafeteria are temporarily closed. You can use the coffee machines, respecting the interpersonal distance of one metre and avoiding a concentration of people.

5. How should I behave inside ICTP?

  • you must wash your hands frequently with soap and water and with the dedicated detergents placed in various locations, wear a mask, wear gloves in shared environments, maintain the appropriate social distance, avoid any meetings and not share an office (only 1 person is allowed per room);
  • only one person at a time should use the elevator, copiers, or bathrooms;
  • you should inform the guards when you leave the building/premises.

6. What should my health condition be in order to access ICTP?

In order to access the premises:

  • you should take your temperature at home and should not come to ICTP if the temperature is above 37.5C; and/or the presence of flu-like symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, difficulty breathing) or other symptoms attributable to COVID-19 (loss of smell and taste, diarrhea, diffuse joint and muscle pain or other symptoms;
  • you should not have been subjected to quarantine measures; if you have tested positive for COVID-19, you should have carried out two negative diagnostic swabs for SARS-COV-2;
  • you should not have had contacts with family members, cohabiting partners or friends who are positive for COVID-19 and you should not enter or remain at ICTP in the event of contact with people positive to the virus in the 14 days prior to return.

7. What sanitation steps is ICTP taking to ensure the safety of the work environment?

Special sanitizing cleaning has taken place and all offices are cleaned on a daily basis following the instructions provided by the Italian authorities. A number of operating and maintenance measures for the ventilation systems have been taken in order to minimise the risks of transmitting the infection.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to raise these through the dedicated email, Coordination-COVID-19@ictp.it. If your question is of a private or confidential nature, please contact the Personnel Office at personnel_office@ictp.it.