ICTP's COVID-19 Response

Precautions taken to prevent spread of virus



The Italian government has released a decree containing detailed guidelines related to containment of the COVID-19 virus. Frequently asked questions about those guidelines are listed below.

What do I do about shopping?
There is no need to stock up. The supermarkets will stay open, you can easily go shopping.


Can I visit my friends or relatives?
If not necessary, no.


Can I go to sport events?
No. All sport events and gatherings, including the A league, are suspended.


Can I attend meetings, conferences, events?
They are forbidden.


What about universities, schools and kindergartens, recreation centres?
They are closed until 13 April, as are libraries, museums, and cultural centres.


What about worship places?
They are closed as well. All religious services cannot be carried out.


What if I need drugs/medications?
Pharmacies and para-pharmacies are open as normal; remember to maintain a one-meter distance from other people.


I work in another town, what do I do?
Movements between municipalities are allowed only for work or medical reasons, or for other emergencies. If stopped, you must provide a self-declaration with the motivations. The template of the self-declaration is available for download at the ICTP web site above.


What about shopping malls?
They are closed during holidays and pre-holidays (e.g. Saturdays), except for grocery stores.


Who cannot leave the house for any reason?
Elderly people, those who are immuno-suppressed or with pathologies, and anyone who is in quarantine or has tested positive for the virus. If you have symptoms but have not been tested, please self-isolate and stay at home for 14 days.


Why are cinemas, gyms, pools, discoes and similar places closed?
They are places with a high concentration of people. The idea of the decree is to safeguard everybody’s health and avoid as many infections as possible.


Can I take a walk or practice outdoor sports?


Are bars and cafés also closed?
Yes, until further notice.