• Does ICTP offer degree programmes?

ICTP offers a number of educational opportunities, many of which lead to a graduate degree. The Postgraduate Diploma Programme, for students from developing countries who usually have already completed their masters, is an intensive, year-long study programme that prepares students for further study at universities around the world. The Sandwich Training Education Programme, for those already enrolled in Phd programmes in developing countries, supports visits to ICTP or a collaborating institute for a three- to six-month stay each year for three successive years. Fellows work on their PhD theses with their advisors at their home institutes and co-advisors at the hosting institutes. Their PhD is awarded at their home institutes.

ICTP offers master's-level and PhD level study programmes in joint arrangements with other Italian universities. The areas of study include physics, mathematics, medical physics, high performance computing, earth science, and medical physics. Please check the ICTP Programmes page for further details.

  •  Can I apply for grants/funding from ICTP?

ICTP is not a funding institute. It offers training and research opportunities at ICTP's headquarters in Trieste, Italy, as well as throughout the developing world. Please see the About ICTP page for further information about the Centre's mission.

  •  When will I know about the results of my application?

Results of applications to ICTP activities and programmes are handled by the respective offices. Please contact the office in charge of the programme or activity for which you have applied. Some of the contact information is available on the Contact page. For ICTP scientific calendar activities, please write to the unique "smr" email address associated with each activity.

  •  Where can I find information about job opportunities at ICTP?

 All job opportunities at ICTP are published on the Employment Opportunities pages.

  • How do I propose scientific activities for ICTP's scientific calendar?

Please check the information provided in "Call for proposals".

  • Where can I find the recorded lectures from ICTP activities?

Recorded lectures, conferences, interviews, etc. can be found on ICTP's YouTube page. A collection of ICTP's online physics courses is available here.

  • Who should I contact to obtain permission to use pictures, text, official logo etc. published by ICTP?

Please write to sci_info@ictp.it with the specifics of the request.